This is how my work truck started, A $1,500 buy of a beat up old 1989 F-150 that had seen better days. I picked it up via a mechanic friend of my room mate at the time after the only car we had was totaled. (Long story for another page).

I bought the truck more for farm work than any thing else, But it ended up turning into this:



The Base:


So lets start with the base, the truck has the Ford 5.8L Windsor under the hood(rebuilt in 2000), full 4 wheel drive with mechanical transfer case and locking hubs. It’s a crew cab and full length bed.

I’ve done many, MANY repairs on this beast and over all I have found that mechanically it’s awesome, electrically Ford really fucked up! I am constantly having to chase electrical problems down in this truck, to the point that I have just started replacing wires when something dies. Such as when I had to replace the wire from the ignition switch to the started relay… 0_o…yea…


But, with all that being said this truck got me home in a snow storm hauling a tracked UTV, driving over 500 miles to do it, on 3 cylinders. This is a good truck!



I’ve made a few modifications to the truck, mainly to deal with work. It’s really become my rolling tool box at this point. The biggest change I’ve made is removing the back seat and replacing it with some custom built shelving.



This way I can have all of my supplies, tools, and safety gear with me in the truck at all times and still be able to get to it.

I’ve also cut some holes in the roof for antenna mounts(like any good armature radio operator would) as well as putting a better trailer hitch in the back.


There will be more mods to come, and I’ll make sure to post about them here.


If you want to see some of my other projects, including what I’ve put in my truck please take a look at my projects page.